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After minutes are approved, a summary will appear on this page.  The website will show the three most recent meetings.


Meeting highlights also appear on the Board and Committee Page of The Legacy newsletter.

February 2019 Meeting Summary

Date: February 25, 2019


Board Members Present: Karen Cagni, John Capomaggi, Scott Hasenwinkel, David Hebert, Stephanie Hynes, Elias Logothetis, Sean Townsley, Mimi Wilson, Sharon White


Board Members Absent:  None.


Non-Board Member Committee Chairs Present:  Architecture: Steve Rogovich


Association Manager: Alysia Schools


CALL TO ORDER:  7:01 PM by Elias Logothetis


VISITORS:  Mr. Robert Simmons, former treasurer attended the start of the meeting to give an overview of the position prior to the vote for officers.


DETERMINATION OF QUORUM: Members present:  9 (5 required)

  • MINUTES: The minutes of the January meeting were read.A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the minutes as recorded.

  • Discussion on vacancies and nominations for officers and committee chairs.The following motions were carried for the Feb 2019 – Jan 2020 nine member board:

    • Karen Cagni                      Vice President

    • John Capomaggi               Secretary / Legacy / Website

    • Scott Hasenwinkel            Treasurer

    • David Hebert                    Lake Maintenance

    • Stephanie Hynes               Park Reservations / Park Attendants Oversight

    • Elias Logothetis               President / Litter Control

    • Sean Townsley                 General Maintenance

    • Mimi Wilson                    Social

    • Sharon White                    Neighborhood Watch / Landscaping / Geese Committee Chair

  • The following non-voting committee chairs will continue for the Feb 2019 – Jan 2020 board year:

    • Bill McMican                   Directory

    • Tim Olson                         Facebook Community

    • Jennifer Pfeiffer               Park Attendants

    • Steve Rogovich                Architecture / Directory

  • Three of the four director openings this year were due to the expiration of the 3-year term.The fourth opening was due to a resignation before that 3-year term ended.Motion made and carried for John Capomaggi to fill the director vacancy of Tim Olson, who had 1-year remaining on his term.Therefore, in accordance with the by-laws, John Capomaggi’s new term will end in Feb 2020.Scott Hasenwinkel, David Hebert, and Sean Townsley will serve full 3-year terms.



  • Discussion on perimeter fence repair progress

  • Discussion on meeting minute’s summary on the website starting with the January 2019 approved minutes.With tonight’s approval of the January minutes, the January summary/highlight can be posted.

  • Perimeter fence washing – will wait until the spring.First round of quotes are being received by Select.



  • Park parties are starting earlier, so the porta-potty is needed starting in May.Motion made and carried to extend party reservation season from May 1st to Sept 30th. (John to update the form, and Stephanie to send inputs for a Legacy article)

  • Getting quotes for porta-potty services for the 2019 season.

  • Discussion on getting a table for the park attendants to keep the sign-in sheet.Motion made and carried for the concept of a park attendant table.Investigating different options (purchase vs. build)



  • Still contacting insurance companies to address the perimeter fence repairs.Select to have our attorney contact the responsible insurance parties (Indian River behind 5116 Park Lake Court).Working to obtain the police report for the second repair (Indian River behind 1405 LCD).





  • Architectural Review Applications Processed

    • 1405 Ships Landing - approval given for new backyard landscaping design.

  • 15 1st letters of architectural violation have been issued in 2019 as of 2-25-19



  • Will investigate electrical issue inside the shed.Interior light is out and it is not the bulb.

  • Will take over the project to repair the gate at Christopher Landing.Sean to investigate options and report back to the board.


LEGACY / WEBSITE: John Capomaggi

  • Will publish the March-April edition with new board members next week.

  • Stressed desire for regular inputs to The Legacy, such as the Finance Corner.



  • Gus removed the old cypress bushes from Christopher Beach, and three dead trees.Also will remove stump at Christopher Landing.Noted that the removal of the Christopher Beach bushes exposed some retaining wall caps with rotted wood.

  • Getting estimates to remove leaning trees at Christopher Narrows.Will discuss possible tree replacement next year.

  • Getting estimates for removal of the red-bud trees along the fence line at Christopher Landing near the volleyball court.The trees will be cut low to the ground (no stump grinding)

  • Neighborhood Watch, have emails for 260 houses.

  • Geese, have permission to begin oiling/addling geese eggs.


SOCIAL: Mimi Wilson

  • Cecelie Battilana-Zaleski will co-chair the social committee with Mimi.

  • Saturday, April 13th is Easter Egg Hunt

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