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January 2019 Meeting Summary

Date: January 28th, 2019


Board Members Present: Karen Cagni, John Capomaggi, Stephanie Hynes, Robert Simmons, Mimi Wilson, Sharon White.


Board Members Absent:  Elias Logothetis, Dick Chipchak


Non Board Member Committee Chairs Present:  Architecture: Steve Rogovich


Association Manager: Alysia Schools


CALL TO ORDER:  7:03 PM by Karen Cagni


DETERMINATION OF QUORUM: Members present:  6 (5 required)

  • MINUTES: The minutes of the December meeting were read. A motion was made and carried to approve the minutes as recorded.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT: (via email prior to board meeting)

  • Since we have more candidates than we have openings at the annual meeting, voting shall be by secret written ballot. The Select Group will tally the ballots.

    • Sharon offered to send an email to the candidates reminding them of the process, and to be prepared to give an introduction.

  • We must encourage our neighbors to turn in their proxies.

  • Availability of public address system at annual meeting? In 2018, Brandon Middle School provided us with a public address system.

    • Select Group to verify.

  • What is the status of the repairs to our perimeter fence by Sand Pebbles Drive?

  • Suggestion by Tim Olson to post minutes of board meeting minutes on our website.Discussion on best way to do this.

    • Two options discussed.One is a public “bulletin board” version of the meeting, and the other is a “Secretary’s Corner” on the website.John to prepare both versions for consideration at the next meeting.

  • Mildew on perimeter fence; I suggest in the spring we hire someone to wash the perimeter fence.

    • Discussed that this has been done before, and agreed to revisit in the spring.Select Group to start gathering quotes now.



  • Will update Park Reservation Form.John to provide original files.



  • $5,609.64 Net Income leftover from 2018.These are unused funds from the 2018 budget.Motion made and carried to transfer to replacement reserves.


SECRETARY: John Capomaggi

  • January / February edition of The Legacy published.


MANAGER'S REPORT (see report provided by TSG)

  • Discussed Fence Damage - 5110 Park Lake Court.Stressed importance to get confirmation that other party’s insurance (GEICO) will cover the repair before authorizing any work.





  • Architectural Review Applications Processed

    • No applications were received during the month of January 2019

  • Seven 1st letters of architectural violation have been issued in 2019 as of 1-21-19

  • 5429 Brookfield Drive is currently for sale


LEGACY / WEBSITE: John Capomaggi

  • Need to update the Park Party page.


LAKE MAINTENANCE: Dick Chipchak (via Stephanie)



  • Nothing to report for NW and Landscaping.

  • Confirmed Mayor Dyer to speak to us, as will Capt. Gonse, 4th Precinct.

  • Gave Geese Committee update.Next step as discussed in previous meetings is to get a permit/notification for addling/oiling nest eggs to control population on LCHA common property, and nests should be treated in late March or early April.Residents would need to addle/oil eggs on their own private property after contacting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at ,

    • Motion made and carried to pursue required permit/form/notification for addling/oiling the eggs.

    • Motion made and carried to begin preparations/application for a spring 2019 roundup.


SOCIAL: Mimi Wilson

  • Paid DJ for the July 4th Picnic.

  • Will discuss the Easter Hunt after the 2019-2020 board convenes.



  • Stephanie emailed residents about results of traffic inquiry on Captains Run.Both are homeowners who attended the November board meeting to discuss traffic concerns and safety issues on Captains Run.

  • Discussion on using Christopher Woods for community garden or Dog Park.


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