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Architectural Requests

Click on the navigation button to the left to view the Architecture Guidelines and the Architecture Review Request form.

Exterior Changes - Large or Small - Must be Approved

All homeowners, as members of the LCHA, must become familiar with the guidelines prior to making any alterations. Any proposed change to the exterior appearance of a home is subject to review and approval.


The value of a home is more than just the property itself; value is also derived from the community. One of the things which make our Lake Christopher community a beautiful and desirable place to live is the clean and uniform contemporary nature of our homes.

The Huron Model - circa 1975

The Lake Christopher homes were designed in the early 1970's, and when built represented that era's idea of contemporary. Since then much has changed, both in the intrepertation of contemporary and the building materials available to us as we remodel.


These guidelines are not designed to make Lake Christopher a 1970's time capsule. Instead, they are intended to help ensure a degree of consistency and uniformity so that any changes and modifications stay true to the architectural style of our community, while balancing a homeowners ability to add some individuality to their property.


Please download a copy of the guidelines using the navigation buttons on the left.  Contact the Architectural Committe if you have any questions.


REMEMBER: Submitting an Architectural Review Request does not satisfy the need to obtain proper permits (as required) from the city.

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