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All exterior changes must be approved

All homeowners, as members of the LCHA, must become familiar with the Architecture Guidelines prior to making any alterations. Any proposed change to the exterior appearance of a home is subject to review and approval in accordancne with our covenants and by-laws.  Your realtor should have provided you with copies of the guidelines, covenants and by-laws when you purchased your home.


The architecture review process is important to our community because the value of a property is more than just the house itself; value is also derived from the community where the home is located. Some of the things which make Lake Christopher a beautiful and desirable place to live are the clean and uniform contemporary nature of our homes, and the fact that the houses and yards are consistently well maintained.  The Architectural Guidelines help support these aspects of our community.

The Huron Model - circa 1975

The Lake Christopher homes were designed in the early 1970's, and when built represented that era's idea of contemporary. Since then much has changed, both in the intrepertation of contemporary and the building materials available to us as we maintain and/or remodel our homes.


The Architecture Guidelines are not designed to make Lake Christopher a 1970's time capsule. Instead, they are intended to help ensure a degree of consistency and uniformity so that exterior changes and modifications stay true to the architectural style of our community, while balancing a homeowners ability to add some individuality to their property.


Please download a copy of the Guidelines using the navigation buttons on the left.  Contact the Architectural Committe if you have any questions.


REMEMBER: Submitting an Architectural Review Request does not satisfy the need to obtain proper permits (as required) from the city.

Modifying a Roof Truss

The builder used prefabricated trusses instead of site-built rafters in the design and construction of Lake Christopher houses.  What is a truss?  Trusses are prefabricated wooden structures with triangular webbing which provide support for the roof, and tie the outside walls of the home together.  When you enter an attic space you will see rows of wooden beams at odd angles called "webs".  These webs are structural components of a truss system.  Cutting out webs to create room for storage can compromise the structure of your home.

Truss components and terminology

The "contemporary" design of our homes means there are odd attic spaces here and there, depending on the house model.  These spaces usually have a mono-truss system.  Some owners cut parts of these trusses to make the space more usable for storage.  Cutting sections of a mono-truss can also lead to structural issues without proper reincorcement.

Mono Truss over the garage of two-story homes

A more common issue In Lake Christopher happens when home owners cut trusses to make use of attic space over the garage for storage, or to incorporate some of the attic into the second floor living space.  When truss components are cut without adding precise structural reinforecment elsewhere, problems can arise over time.  Furthermore, homeowners should be aware that without proper reinforcement, a garage ceiling designed to support attic space may not have sufficient structure to support second floor living space, especially if trusses have been compromised.


Should a decision be made to modify a truss, it is essential that you consult an engineer beforehand so the modification can include proper reinforcement.  It is also worth noting that having permits for these structural alterations helps when it comes time to sell your home.

Home renovation advice from Dr. Franklin


Note:  An AC Review Request is  required by the LCHA only if the project impacts the exterior of the house.

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