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Bulkheads, Docks and Piers

In 2020, section 7.5 of the Architectural (AC) Guidelines was expanded to clarify bulkheads. Please direct any questions to the ac committee or any board member.

Lake Christopher Architectural Guideline 7.5
Bulkheads, Docks, Piers and Easement Agreements
2020 AC Guidelines sec 7.5.pdf
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7.5. Bulkheads, Docks and Piers


7.5.1. Background: When the Lake Christopher community was developed, lakefront properties had natural shorelines. The only original bulkheads, docks or piers were in the three common area lakefront parks. Over the years, homeowners installed bulkheads, docks and piers at their own expense to address erosion and to improve access to the lake. These bulkheads were often constructed without permits and many were installed outside of property lines and encroached into LCHA common area (the lake).

Taken at Ship's Landing models, looking across the lake at phase 2 homes (circa 1978)

7.5.2. Purpose: The purpose of this Architectural Guideline is to: Help ensure homeowners are aware of

required government permits and approvals for 

waterfront installations, as well as LCHA policy 

concerning placement of bulkheads, docks and piers. Establish maintenance responsibility for

bulkheads, docks and piers built by homeowners on

lakefront properties. Limit encroachment of bulkheads, docks

and piers into the common area (the lake).


7.5.3. Permits and Approvals: Sections 1.1 and 1.2 of these guidelines also apply to bulkheads, docks and piers. However, due to their proximity to water, these structures also require special permits issued from federal, state and local authorities. Homeowners are responsible for obtaining all permits in order to receive LCHA approval prior to start of any work.


7.5.4. Maintenance Responsibility: The LCHA does not construct or maintain bulkheads, docks or piers for individual homeowners. Only those shoreline structures at Christopher Landing, Christopher Beach, and Christopher Narrows are maintained by the LCHA. Lakefront homeowners wishing to install, replace or modify a bulkhead, dock or pier must sign an easement agreement prepared by the LCHA attorney. The purpose of the easement agreement is to legally establish the homeowner as the responsible party for maintenance and upkeep of their bulkhead, dock or pier, even though it may adjoin or extend into LCHA common area (the lake). Without a signed easement
agreement, the LCHA will not approve bulkhead,
dock or pier construction that extends beyond
property lines into the common area (the lake). In
such a scenario, approval for any shoreline structure
would be conditioned on its construction entirely
within the homeowners’ property lines. Without a signed easement
agreement, the LCHA reserves the right to remove
visibly damaged or deteriorated bulkheads, docks or
piers in the common area that are not being
maintained by the homeowner. In such situations
the removed structures would not be replaced by
the LCHA, resulting in a natural shoreline on the
property line.


7.5.5. Encroachment: New bulkheads shall not be constructed more than 2 feet beyond the existing bulkhead. This is permitted to accommodate common engineering and construction practices.


7.5.6. Docks and Piers: A dock or pier can rise no higher than ground (bulkhead) level, and extend no further than 10 feet beyond the bulkhead into the lake. Docks and piers can be as wide as the property lines allow.

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