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Park Sign-In

Old Park Pass no longer used


Welcome to the neighborhood!  Many residents still have “Park Passes" (shown here) which were part of an ID badge system instituted to provide a more positive means of keeping the parks for residents and their guests only. 


However, starting in the 2018 season, the pass system has been replaced with a Park Sign-In Process.

Signing in to use common area facilities is a common practice at private homeowners associations like ours.  The intention is to improve the quality of the park experience for residents and their guests.

Please support the park attendants by signing in when you arrive at the parks. To help out, don’t wait for the park attendants to come to you; please go to them and simply sign in.  The attendants will verify your name and address with the acces list.  If you have guests, they will also sign in, or you will need to provide some guest information. 


Please note that only members in good standing (i.e. not delinquent in dues) will be allowed to enjoy the facilities.  Members with an outstanding balance in homeowner dues will not be on the access list. This will include your tenants if you are leasing your home.

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